This code snippet is taken from a Cinder (C++) project, compiled in Xcode for Mac OSX. The program achieves smooth ‘video scrubbing’ of a 1080p HD *.mov file.

Cinder is an open-source Creative Coding framework. You can download it from its homepage here:

Once you have installed Cinder on your Mac, simply:

  • Create a Cinder project in Xcode (adding the QuickTime Cinder Block).
  • Use the code from the snippet below in your main App *.cpp.
  • Run the App, you should then be able to scrub the video by dragging the mouse horizontally across the app window.

Please Note: It’s possible to compile this App for Windows, however it may be sluggish, as the Windows QuickTime player is rubbish!

For convenience, I’ve also uploaded the code as a GitHub Gist: